Masters by Course Work


I found this course was over-all very well-rounded. Furthermore, the course-convenors (Pavs and Coleen) were very approachable (super friendly!) and efficient. The six-month coursework period was intense but covered a broad range of topics which could be tailored to my interests and taught by great professors (although there was some mis-management confusion with a course that I believe have been removed for the next AMS class!). The field-trips were also a great way to see how we could ‘apply’ our knowledge in the future for job opportunities. That said, I feel that incorporating a scuba-diving trip or research cruise to Antarctica would have been a great inclusion for more hands-on experiences, which also always help to add something substantial on our CVs! A mini-thesis is also a great idea with the shorter time-frame, although a lot of students are having to extend so maybe making the deadline later (and graduating 6 months later) would be more ideal.

Now, I am looking for a marine research job in Barcelona as I am moving there in a few months! I’d like to continue with research similar to the topic of my thesis, linking phytoplankton/carbon fixation with climate change predictions.


AMS was unique because you could highly tailor your direction to suit your interests; the wide range of modules available was really satisfying!

The AMS course is a good platform to broaden ones horizons, to have both theoretical and practical knowledge in marine science. The coursework component enables people across disciplines to grasp the concepts of marine aspects and actually use that knowledge when it comes to data interpretation and analysis when you getting to the research project stage. For most of us with terrestrial backgrounds, this enables a double major of scientific knowledge, and enhances the multidisciplinary approach in studying science i.e. Earth Systems Science. One of the backlogs about the course is the time frame, because students do different projects that require different approaches and sometimes you get stuck because you never been exposed to that particular skill e.g. I had to use MATLAB for my project and I have never done anything with matlab before and that delayed me. I would suggest that such programs are introduced as as core modules like the ocean tools course that introduced us to ODV. I am currently working towards finishing up with my write-up. I am willing to enroll for PhD if get a scholarship but I am still weighing my options because I am also applying for jobs as well.