Masters by Course Work


Solange Bih Awa Olivier Pasnin Nazeera Hargey
Henry Abi    

I found the Masters course in Applied Marine Sciences (MSc-AMS) in the Marine Research Institute, University of Cape Town (UCT) enjoyably challenging. The course appealed to me for several reasons. It contained a good mix of fieldtrip / research and taught modules. The lecture series were excellent as it increased my understanding on solution to latest issues affecting the marine ecosystem and encouraged me to research more widely than just sticking on my personal areas of interest. The staff were enthusiastic and supportive and the amount of time and energy invested in the students both in classroom and fieldwork was impressive. The numerous field and academic skills that I acquired has improved my understanding on strategies to interpret sampling / survey data taken at a number of sites on any given marine community. My directed research thesis portion of the course gave me a chance to grow more key skills to quantify morphometric and reproductive traits of a marine fish recognized as crucial for risk assessment and management. The main research project was on the “Age, growth and reproductive biology of the St. Joseph shark (Callorhinchus capensis) in South Africa”. Upon completion of my studies, I would like to further a career in improving the marine ecosystem health and conservation and possibly sharing my gained experiences through workshops, seminars, conferences, publications and organisations. In the end, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Marine Biology Research Centre, UCT for the generous funding which enabled me to attend the course.

Emily McGregor Elijah Ramulifo Brilliant Mashifane