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Past Programme – The Benguela Ecology Assistantship

The Benguela Ecology Assistantship – The experiential training courses originated as a student assistantship program in 1999. It was aimed at linking students from historically disadvantaged universities with the University of Cape Town. The programme grew from an assistantships program into an experiential training course with an average of 5 students per year. The program was designed to offer students an introduction to the training and research experience in various facets of marine sciences through field opportunities, practical laboratory experiences and various lectures from postgraduate students and working marine scientists.

The Benguela Ecology Programme (BEP), which funded these trips, was a research project based at UCT with collaborators from MCM, UWC and UFH. The BEP was funded by the National Research Foundation and Marine and Coastal Management, through SANCOR (The South African Network for Coastal and Ocean research).