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The creation of the Ma-Re Institute

The Marine-Research (Ma-Re) Institute was officially constituted in October 2006 as one of the first signature themes at UCT. This was the culmination of a consultative process involving all marine researchers at UCT. It was agreed that, at an institutional level, UCT would greatly enhance its strength in the marine research and teaching field through formalised collaboration and coordination of all marine researchers and academics across disciplinary boundaries. 

The Ma-Re Institute strives to transform the marine field through capacity building and skills development. The Ma-Re Institute is open to all marine-related research groups and individuals at UCT, studying the ocean and ‘salty waters’ of the coastal zone, as well as all issues influencing these areas (e.g. socio-economic, legal, historical etc), with a particular focus on implementing a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary research approach.



Our vision

At the Ma-Re Institute, our vision is to establish UCT as an internationally recognised hub of excellence, and a premier higher education institution for multi-disciplinary marine research, teaching and training in Africa and the southern hemisphere.


What does the Ma-Re Institute do?

  • Foster inter-disciplinary marine research projects
  • Organise a regular seminar series in conjunction with SANCOR (the South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research).
  • Act as a gateway between UCT and the outside world for marine research contracts.
  • Provide administrative support for marine research, meetings, projects and activities.
  • Form links with other bodies in the region and overseas with similar or complementary interests.
  • Undertake and facilitate research contracts.