Attention: We have had a wonderful response and are no longer accepting abstracts for oral presentations. Poster abstracts are still open!

We invite potential participants to register and to submit abstracts to be considered for oral and poster presentations at the Symposium. Registration will be finalised on payment of the registration fee (see Deadlines) but we encourage early registration to allow us to assess the numbers of participants.

If you wish to attend only one day please contact the organisers. 

Personal Information:

Please select your t-shirt size. These are included in the registration at no additional cost.


Full time, non-salaried, registered students who are presenting may be eligible for a reduced registration fee.


Information about payment can be found here.  The fees are R 4500 for payments made by 31st August 2016 and R 6000 for payments from 1st September 2016.  Payment must be made in full before the conference. Payment is a separate process from registration.

Oral, Poster & Your Abstract:

‚ÄčIf you intend to present either an oral or a poster you need to submit an abstract for it to be considered. However, we cannot guarantee to accommodate all requests for orals. You will be notified by 15 August whether your presentation has been accepted and whether it will be an oral or poster presentation.

Session Selection:

Session 1 – Upwelling systems as natural laboratories for global change: Environmental conditions

Session 2 – Upwelling systems as natural laboratories for global change: Biological implications – Ecology and life histories in changing environments

Session 3 – Modelling the full food web of the Benguela and other upwelling systems

Session 4 – Challenges of living in the Benguela upwelling region

Session 5 – Managing human activities in the Benguela: learning to appreciate conflicting objectives

Session 6 – Understanding change, socio-ecological vulnerability and adaptation in coastal fishing communities

Abstract Upload:

Please attach your abstract as a Word document. This should not include any pictures, figures, tables or references and is limited to 300 words.