The UCT/CSIR Scholarship Programme 2012 for Honours Masters & Doctoral degrees

30 Jul 2011 - 14:45

Applications are invited for a limited number of scholarships for South African students who will register in 2012 at the University of Cape Town for the Honours, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, within the following disciplines, or in closely related disciplines, as shown in the Table below:

Materials Science and Manufacturing: Composites; Nanomaterials.
Natural Resources & Environment : Remote Sensing and Enviro-informatics; Climate Change; Sustainability studies; Marine studies; Energy; Ocean Modelling.
Information and Communications Technology: High Performance Computing (Grid and Cluster Computing); Information Security, Cyber Security; Artificial Intelligence; Human Language Technologies; Scientific Computing; Computer & Software Engineering.
Biosciences and health: Enzyme technologies; Biorefinery; Bioassays, ADMET and biological data; Herbal medicines; Indigenous knowledge utilization; Omics; Biomedical engineering; Recombinant proteins & inhibitors; Human cell biology; The determination of macromolecular structure by electron microscopy and x-ray crystallography; Porphyrin Photodynamic Therapy; Clinical Research; Receptors/Hormones; Bio-processing; Vaccines; Cardiovascular Research; Synthetic Organ Chemistry; Bioinformatics, Biomaterials, Biomechatronics, Biophotonics.
Defence, peace, safety and security: Radar; Explosive event & impact; Intelligent software system; Mechanical Engineering; Mechatronics and Robotics; Aeronautical Engineering – Platinum alloys; Electronics and Electrical – Sensors and Transducers, Sensor Systems, Wireless Technologies, RF free field measurements
Built Environment: Architecture; Operations Research; Infrastructure materials ; Town and Regional Planning
Logistics/supply chain management; Transport infrastructure design, Transport planning and operations, Intelligent Transport Systems,; Construction Technology; Integrated Planning – Geographical information systems, Town and regional planning, Rural planning and services, ; Sustainability science; Coastal Engineering; Architecture; Operations Research; Building Physics; Infrastructure materials ; Town and Regional Planning; Logistics/supply chain management

Mathematics: Mathematical Modelling; Statistical and quantitative methods; Applied Mathematics (Bayesian Networks)


Eligibility: (a) Only students who register as full-time students and who are proceeding into the FIRST year of the degree are eligible. (b) Students who will register in 2012  for a  2nd year of Masters or 2nd or 3rd year of PhD are INELIGIBLE. (c) Only students who will register for study in one (or more) of the areas of study shown above are eligible. (d) Students who are employed full-time are NOT eligible for these scholarships. (e) Particular consideration will be given to equity, Value of Awards: Honours – R85,000; Masters – R95,000; Doctoral – R110,000 per annum Tenure: Honour’s – strictly 1 year;  Master’s – 2 Years – Second year renewable on proof of satisfactory progress, and Doctoral – 3 Years – Second and third years renewable on proof of satisfactory progress.
Please Note: Renewals are NOT guaranteed and will depend on the availability of funds and academic progress.
Criteria: (a) Academic Merit.  The Scholarships will be granted on the basis of academic merit.
Applicants must have achieved at least 60% for their final undergraduate majors or the Honour’s degree)
(b) Area of study –  Only students who will register for study in one (or more) of the areas of study shown above will be considered.

Application Procedure:
1. A letter of application addressed to the Director of the PGC&FO, UCT and a completed Application Form available from the Postgraduate Funding Office or from URL:
2. A one A-4 page CV giving the future intentions of the applicant.
3. 2 letters of reference from academics who have taught/supervised the applicants in the past three years
4. All original or certified copies of university transcripts (do not include certificates), including those of the applicant’s undergraduate degree(s).
5. Proof of acceptance of the student into the proposed academic department, in the form of a brief letter/statement from the Faculty Manager.
6. Master’s and Doctoral applicants – A copy of the applicant’s abstract of the proposed study (no longer than ONE A-4 page) and an indication that a Supervisor has been secured and that the research proposal has been accepted by the Department.
7. Applicants must be prepared to enter into a contract with the CSIR in which the student undertakes to enter into employment with the CSIR for at least the tenure of the scholarship held, provided that suitable vacancies exist within the CSIR
8. Short-listed Applicants must be prepared to undergo interviews with officials from the CSIR

Enquiries: or Telephone – 021-650-2211
The University of Cape Town reserves the right to change the conditions of award, and/or to make no awards at all.  It should be noted that submission of an application does not guarantee the award of a scholarship.******************************************************************************************