South Africa-Japan SATREPS Workshop on Ocean Dynamics

16 Aug 2011 - 08:45

25 of August, Seminar Room, Dept of Oceanography James Building


9:15: “Overview of the South Africa-Japan collaborative project SATREPS”: Mathieu Rouault (South Africa)

9:30 “Interannual Variability of the Indonesian throughflow by Motoki Nagura (Japan)

10:00 “TIdally generated nonhydrostatic wave trains in the Indonesian Seas” by Hidenori Aiki (Japan)

10:30 tea break with the Dept of Oceanography and workshop participants

11:00 “Why climate models fail to capture the seasonal cycle in the eastern tropical Atlantic” by Ingo Richter (Japan)

11:30 “Development of SINTEX-F2 coupled general circulation model” by Wataru Sasaki (Japan)

12:00 “Introduction of an equatorial wave model and its application to the Indian Ocean Dipole” by Motoki Nagura (Japan)

12:30 Lunch at UCT

13:30 Japanese visitors will be at the Oceanography Dept to answer questions from students, staff and researchers and meet interested parties.

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