Seminar & Workshop on the development of coastal setback lines

12 Aug 2011 - 06:45

The University of Stellenbosch will be hosting a 2-day Seminar & Workshop on the development of coastal setback lines.

Date:     6 & 7 October 2011

Venue: Stias Centre, Stellenbosch University Campus,

This event presents an opportunity to interact with professionals, peers and students involved in studying, determining or implementing the setback lines for coastal developments.  This event is a follow-up to the successful October 2010 event and will be of a similar format. As a “follow-up” the focus will be to provide an update of the experience with setback line determinations based on recent projects. Research and new developments will be presented in the technique and application of

the methodologies for determining and implementing setback lines in South Africa.

Please find attached the announcement and proposed programme.  Enquiries may be directed to Mrs Elmien Lovell or Mr Geoff Toms.