One for the sardine two for the birds - Ma-Re Researchers shine!

11 Apr 2012 - 08:30

One for the sardine, two for the birds

If, for a life scientist, the rule of thumb is don’t bank on getting your name into the journal Science, like ever, then in 2011 UCT’s Dr Lynne Shannon didn’t just break the rule, but tossed the rule book out the window.

Dr Lynne Shannon (left) with Dr Yunne-Jai Shin

Teamwork: Dr Lynne Shannon (Ma-Re Institute, left) with Dr Yunne-Jai Shin of the French
Institute of Research for Development, one of her many collaborators in
recent years.

In August, Shannon, of the Marine Research Institute (MA-RE) and the Department of Zoology, was among the 12 researchers who toasted the publication of a paper – Impacts of Fishing Low-Trophic-Level Species on Marine Ecosystems – in the famed journal, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The ink had barely dried on the paper before, in December, Shannon’s name graced the journal’s pages once again, this time as one of 14 authors of the paper Global Seabird Response to Forage Fish Depletion – One-Third for the Birds.

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Source – UCT Monday Paper, Vol. 31.5, 10 April 2012