Ocean Dynamics and Ecosystem Management - Review

19 May 2011 - 07:45

These books—Marine Ecosystems and Global Change and Ecosystem based Management for the Oceans—do not so much overlap as mesh. One book asks, “What is the state of our changing oceans?” and the other asks, “What ought we do about it?” It is axiomatic (and perhaps even true)that describing a problem is a more straightforward prospect than prescribing a solution. Thus Ecosystem based Management for the Oceans has the harder task. Marine Ecosystems and Global Change is largely a summary of findings of the Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics Project (GLOBEC), which ran from 1999 to 2009. GLOBEC was established to examine dynamics, the interplay between living and nonliving components of ocean ecosystems. A basic premise was that understanding the role of natural variability in marine ecosystem functioning was essential to managing global marine living resources. A major focus was to understand drivers of zooplankton abundance and to link physical variability to the numerical ups and downs of juvenile fishes.

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Ocean Dynamics and Ecosystem Management