Ma-RE Director Prof John Field Receives Prestigious Plymouth Marine Science Award

21 Oct 2011 - 10:30

Prof John Field

Prof John Field was recently awarded the prestigious Plymouth Marine Science Award.  This honour entailed Prof Field giving a public lecture on a topic of his choice after which he was presented with a silver medallion engraved with his name and an honorarium of £100. The award was established by the Plymouth Marine Science Partnership to provide an arena for prominent marine scientists to share their experiences with the new generation of marine scientists and students as well as the broader public. This annual award recognises researchers who have made major contributions to their field during their careers.

The lecture series started in 1986 with an inaugural given by Professor John Steele, FRS who was then Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Since then the lectures have covered a wide range of fields in marine science, including the history of oceanography and the awardees have ranged from Prof. James Lovelock (1987 – The Role of the Oceans in Global Change), Prof. John Woods FRS (1993 – Simulating the Upper Ocean Ecosystem by the Langrangian Ensemble Method), Prof. Trevor Platt FRS (1999 – Control of Primary Productivity in High Nitrate Regions) to Prof. Peter S Liss FRS (1992 – How does the Atmosphere Affect the Biogeochemistry of the Oceans and Vice Versa?) and Prof. Geoff Boxshall FRS (2010 – The Magnitude of Marine Biodiversity: towards a quarter of a million species but not enough copepods!) – to list a few.    Prof. Field delivered a talk entitled: “Looking back, looking forward: some personal views on new developments in marine science” and also participated in the Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation plankton symposium that followed over the next three days.