Ma-Re BASICS Masters and PhD scholarships 2012

5 Mar 2012 - 09:45

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Ma-Re BASICS Scholarship Application Form

The Ma-Re BASICS project of UCT’s Marine Research (Ma-Re) Institute is offering a limited number of Masters and PhD scholarships to postgraduate students for 2012.  The rules for these are as follows:

1.    The scholarships are awarded by the UCT Scholarships Committee, on the recommendation of the Director of Ma-Re.

2.    Only full-time students registered for Masters or PhD degrees at UCT are eligible.

3.    Only students whose research projects are aligned with the goals (see below) of the Ma-Re BASICS project (Marine Research in the Benguela and Agulhas Systems for supporting Interdisciplinary Climate-Change Science) are eligible for support.

Broad goal of Ma-Re BASICS: to tackle inter-disciplinary aspects of climate change research in the southern African marine environment.


Research includes physical and ecological modelling studies at a range of scales, which aim to understand, track and ultimately predict the effects of climate change. A variety of process- and case studies aim to understand the effects of climate variability on the marine environment, the living organisms in the sea and the human communities that use and depend on marine resources.

4.    Awards are made on the basis of a combined evaluation of:

a) the financial needs of the applicant,

b) the academic merits of the applicant, and

c)  the relevance of the research to the aims and objectives of Ma-Re BASICS.

5.    Scholarships may not be held by salaried employees.

  • Please complete all sections of the form.
  • A CV is not required but a full declaration of all known or anticipated sources of income for 2012 (including demonstrating, other bursaries, consulting income, etc) must be included.
  • Please place your completed application form in the pigeonhole of Pavs Pillay, Oceanography Department by Monday 12 March 2012.

Click here to download the form

Ma-Re BASICS Scholarship Application Form