18 Jul 2011 - 15:45

The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust is calling for nominations from South African Universities, Universities of Technology, Science Councils, Research & Policy Institutes, and other institutions or agencies of similar national standing for an Award for Excellence in Scholarship in all its forms. This Award focuses unambiguously on excellence. It is granted to candidates of the highest calibre to enable them to undertake a programme of cutting edge, internationally significant work. The Award carries a monetary value of up to R1.0 million.

The Guiding Principles

  • The Award seeks to attract candidates of exceptional ability and “big ideas” in any discipline;
  • It is intended to enable scholars based in South Africa to undertake a programme of work for a period of up to one year, by making possible full-time concentration on the work, contact with outstanding peers (locally or in foreign countries) and adequate logistic resources;
  • Further, it aims to strengthen relationships and partnerships between local institutions, foreign institutions and the Trust and build research excellence while stimulating scholarship in academic life.

Further details are available here:

The closing date for written applications or nominations is Friday 28th October 2011.