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Important Information

Supervision & Attendance at the University

During the period of his/her registration, a higher degree candidate will be expected to be available on campus for discussion with his/her supervisor. For persons who are based outside Cape Town there is generally an expectation that the candidate will spend some period of time on campus interacting with the supervisor; the expected time spent on campus varies from Department to Department, and needs to be clarified with the supervisor and department concerned. In any event, a candidate must be prepared to make him/herself available for discussion at the University if required.

Unsatisfactory Progress

Heads of Departments report each year, to the Faculty Examinations Committee, the names of Masters and PhD students whose progress is considered unsatisfactory. In the case of Masters degrees, these would be students who have already been registered for two years and not yet submitted. In the case of PhD degrees, these are students who have been registered for four years and have not yet submitted. Extenuating circumstances, if any, will be tabled at that meeting. If, in the view of the Committee, there are insufficient mitigating circumstances, the Dean will send a warning letter informing the candidate that he/she will be permitted to register in the following year on condition that his/her thesis/dissertation is submitted in that year. He/she will not be permitted to register thereafter, except with the special permission of Senate.