Important Information



All students registering for a degree by dissertation will be formally allocated a supervisor, who is responsible for giving guidance. Co-supervision by people from within or outside of the University is possible, but the principal supervisor must always be a full-time academic member of staff within the Department in which the student is registered. Emeritus Professors may act as co-supervisors but not as principal supervisor. However, they may continue as principal supervisors of students who were registered under them before their retirement.

Generally, members of staff should have a PhD in order to supervise a PhD student, but this does not necessarily exclude a member of staff without a PhD from supervising a PhD. Without exception, however, any member of staff without a PhD seeking to be the primary supervisor of a PhD candidate will require formal acceptance by the Doctoral Degrees Board. The application to the DDB should be brought by the Head of Department, via the Dean, motivating the case. In the case of applicants with a track record of successful supervision, this accreditation will not normally be withheld.