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Important Information

Roles & Responsibilities of Student & Supervisor

Responsibility of the student

To acknowledge and accept primary responsibility for his/her education.
To demonstrate a good work ethic, in order to meet the expected throughput rate (2 years for a Masters student, 3-4 years for a PhD student).
To share ideas and to work collegially.
To participate in and to contribute to the life of the department, including being available to demonstrate at undergraduate practicals/tutorials.
To commit to co-publication with the supervisor.
To familiarise him/herself with the University rules, particularly with regard to plagiarism, and to commit to respecting those rules.

Responsibility of the supervisor

To provide information relating to relevant literature and sources.
To facilitate access to necessary samples, field areas and analytical equipment.
To discuss and critically evaluate the candidate‟s findings and ideas.
To read, criticise and annotate draft chapters and progress reports within a reasonable time.
To advise the candidate on the form and structure of the dissertation/thesis.
To train the candidate in the conventions of scholarly presentation.
To arrange for a suitable replacement (with agreement from the HoD) if absent for any substantial period of time.
To be familiar with the rules of the degree and advise the candidate on such matters.
To help integrate the student into the academic and social life of the department.