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Important Information

Memorandum of Understanding between Postgraduates & Supervisor

For Masters and PhD registration, the Faculty has introduced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed in the first year of registration by both supervisor and candidate, clarifying issues relating to respective roles and responsibilities, timing, funding (if appropriate) and intellectual property. The MoU is an important ‘contract’ between candidate and supervisor and needs to be taken seriously, and filled out in as much detail as possible. An electronic copy of the MoU is available on the Science Faculty web site.

Before the start of the second and subsequent years of registration, a Progress & Planned Activity form needs to be completed and signed by both the candidate and supervisor. This process represents an annual review of progress and should be seen as an extension to the initial MoU. If in the opinion of the supervisor, adequate progress is not being made, the Progress & Planned Activity form should clearly lay down criteria (such as submission dates and milestones) against which further progress shall be measured. If progress continues to be unsatisfactory, the Dean and, in the case of PhD candidates, the Doctoral Degrees Board, may refuse re-registration. This is a formal document and the student and supervisor will be held to it. If, after 2 years in the case of Masters candidates and 3 years in the case of PhD candidates, dissertations have not been submitted, the Dean will normally send candidates a formal letter of warning giving them one year to submit, failing which re-registration will be refused.