Important Information

Student Funding

The Postgraduate Funding Office, located on the upper campus (Otto Beit Building), is an important source of information and advice about potential funding sources and the procedures necessary to access these.

There are a number of potential sources of postgraduate student funding:-

National and International Foundations.
University-wide scholarships. All students are eligible to compete for these.
Discipline-specific scholarships. A list of these pertinent to the Science Faculty can be found in the University‟s Handbook 14 in the UCT series, Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Study and Postdoctoral Research.

National Research Foundation Bursaries
These take two forms:

  •  scholarships awarded directly to students, on application;
  • bursaries awarded to supervisors for distribution to students, at the discretion of the supervisor but within a framework of conditions laid down by the NRF.

Industry funding to academic staff members to undertake research projects may include a component to be awarded as a student bursary.

Students are encouraged to apply for financial support to a full range of potential sources early in their final year of undergraduate study, or in the year before they wish to initiate their postgraduate studies. For further information please visit the website