Ocean modelling and prediction

  • Group coordinator: Bjorn Backeberg (NTC/NERSC)
  • Co-investigators: Issufo Halo (NTC), Jennifer Jackson-Veitch (UCT), Johnny A. Johannessen (NERSC), Francois Counillon (NERSC)

Ocean-atmosphere, climate and regional impact

  • Group coordinator: Mathieu Rouault (NTC/UCT)
  • Co-investigators: Noel Keenlyside (UiB), Marjolaine Krug (CSIR)

High resolution satellite remote sensing of the regional shelf seas

  • Group coordinator: Marjolaine Krug (CSIR)
  • Co-investigators: Christo Whittle (CSIR), Johnny A. Johannessen (NERSC), Wayne Goschen (SAEON)

Regional sea level variability and global change

  • Group coordinator: Frank Shillington (NTC/UCT)
  • Co-investigators: Ola Johannessen (NERSC), Bjorn Backeberg (NTC/NERSC)

International Activities

Exchange of scientists and graduate students between partners

  2010 2011 2012 Total
SAF to NOR 2 2 4
NOR to SAF 1 2 1 4