Benguela Symposium 2016

Social Media


Tweeting about the symposium? Use #Benguela2016

To encourage debate and to further the wider scholarly knowledge project, the symposium  encourages sharing via social media: Blogs and Facebook for example are welcome. Twitter in particular is a powerful platform and attendees are “free to tweet” unless the poster or oral presentation has a “no-tweet” logo attached.

All the usual scholarly and academic rules still stand. If unpublished data is being presented you cannot disseminate this without permission. If a slide or poster has sensitive or unpublished data this may not be recorded or disseminated unless permission is granted from the author/s. None of this is really new. Use common sense and err on the side of caution when tweeting, blogging, instagraming or sharing information in other ways.

If you do not want your material to be shared please make use of a “no tweeting” logo such as this one on slides/posters that are sensitive and/or at the beginning of your presentation.

No Tweet logo

With that out of the way. Keep an eye out for the official Benguela Symposium hashtag that will be made available closer to the time. In the mean time, follow us at the official @MARE_UCT Twitter handle!