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Marine Institutions & Organisations


The Africa Centre for Climate and Earth System Science is a relatively new programme which has its focus on climate related phenomena that range from the transient fluctuations in conditions on land and in the adjacent oceans, to future climate changes associated with global warming.


The South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research (SANCOR) is a non-statutory body that generates and communicates knowledge and advice in order to promote the wise and informed use and management of marine and coastal resources and environments.

Zoological Society of South Africa

The Society was founded on 11 March 1959 at the meeting of an Interim Committee appointed to investigate the possibility of forming a society to promote zoology and the interests of zoologists in southern Africa. One of the objectives of the Society from the beginning, was to publish a peer reviewed scientific journal of the highest international standard – this journal is called the African Zoology.

Korean Maritime Institute